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One of the most important goals of our project is to provide an accessible environment and foster a culture of inclusiveness.

For these purposes, we have created an accessibility map that will help you to independently assess the physical accessibility of a particular itinerary. On the map we have indicated ramps, accessible toilets, as well as other aspects of the environment and areas that are difficult to access or where people may be susceptible to sensory overload.

For people with different forms of disability, we have developed adapted versions of museum itineraries. Using a special filter, you can choose a route in Russian sign language, a route using an audio commentary or a route in an easy-to-read version. Here you can also find the texts of audio-descriptive tours that blind and visually impaired visitors can use to tour the museums independently.

It should also be noted that the website of the “Four Museums” has been audited for digital accessibility.

All our work is the result of the cooperation of an inter-institutional team, which includes employees from the four museums, specialists in different fields, independent experts and consultants with disabilities:

Project Producer: Sofiya Osman

Coordinators: Irina Kaletinkina, Anna Lozhkina

Accessibility Consultants: Marta Liubimova, Alexei Liubimov, Denis Redkin, Sergei Chetverkin, Irina Ginzberg

Film Crew: Sputnik Studia, Maria Rumyantseva

Adaptors to Russian Sign Language: Alexander Sidelnikov, Alina Lupookova, Konstantin Koterev

Production of Audio Commentary: Galina Novotortseva

Narrators: Maria Antonova, Alexander Pronkin

Recording Studio: VolnaFX

Preparation of the adaptation of texts and materials: Lada Talyzina, Margarita Polisskaya

Experts and Methodologists: Elena Smirnova-Yarskaya, Nikita Bolshakov

Colleagues from the State Pushkin Museum: Yevgenia Kiseleva, Albina Dzhumayeva, Sergei Lushkin, Alexey Debabov

Colleague from the State Tretyakov Gallery: Maria Sarycheva

Colleagues from the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: Lyudmila Luchkova, Alina Zhekamukhova, Sofiya Lukyanova, Irina Marinova, Maria Shchekochihina

Colleagues from the V–A–C Foundation:
Sasha Anikushin, Viсtoria Kuzmina

If you have any questions or comments about the proposed routes or the operation of the map, please let us know: access@fourmuseums.moscow

If you get lost or need help, you can contact the museum staff directly. Telephone numbers and email addresses are provided below:

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts:
+7 (985) 863-39-84 (MON–FRI from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art:
+7 (495) 645-05-20

State Tretyakov Gallery:
+7 (925) 458-69-42 (MON–FRI from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

GES-2 House of Culture:
+7 (963) 996-36-87